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Official ADOS Media Response to

Slander & Libel

"The issue of reparations for slavery in the United States has surfaced in our political discourse around the 2020 Race for the White House. Because the American Descendants of Slavery Movement or ADOS, led by political commentator Yvette Carnell and attorney Antonio Moore, has unapologetically burst on the political scene as a force to be reckoned with. To the casual onlooker, the group seems to have come out of nowhere. That could not be further from the truth.

The concept of reparations, restitution, or compensation for crimes or harmful acts has been part of human interaction since before recorded history. The notion only becomes “controversial” when Black Americans bring up redress for the myriad injuries and injustices we have suffered as a people in North American colonies and the United States.


These harms begin with the institution of chattel slavery in 1619 and each successive exploitative system that followed in an unbroken chain of destructive and plunderous policy and practice. All of which generated trillions in wealth that has never benefited ADOS, as a group. None of this has been addressed in a meaningful or durable manner. Slave Descendants are going in reverse. In nearly all relevant measures, the ADOS community is near or below the pre-Civil Rights Act levels. It is projected to get worse in the coming years and has only accelerated during the Covid19 Global Pandemic . Further, none of the supposed solutions that we have heard for decades have worked to lift us out of this inflicted detriment.

#ADOS has been sounding the alarm as best we can. However, we are being treated as if the ADOS identity itself is a betrayal. As a facet of our national, group-oriented mission; as a body we have embraced our contributions to the United States, our citizenship, and some even the Stars and Bars. Nevertheless, in return, the movement has been savagely attacked from the political Left and Center. The movement’s decision to identify as American has opened an astonishing line of attack from those antagonistic toward #ADOS. A movement that centers Black Empowerment for victims of the US slave trade is being called anti-immigrant, fascist, and nativist. These are heavy charges that seem to be intended to defame and silence. Furthermore, the claims are beyond disingenuous as most people know the Descendants of Slaves in the United States have a very different connection to this nation than the MAGA crowd." (Graham, M. 2019 - Clip Sourced from

To this extent, the constant slander and libel since the evolution of our self-determination and naming has been so targeted that we were forced to create a Media Self-Defense White Paper to rebut the myriad half-truths and outright lies.  Therefore, for those seeking the truth about ADOS please take some time to read our official media public response laden with sourced data to support our position and to address these attacks.

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