Morris Mills - Freedom

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Click below to watch Morris Mills' "Freedom" video.

More about Morris Mills

With roots in both Texas and Chicago, Morris Mills organically grew into life as a musician. In the face of societal struggles, he gravitated towards Chicago’s famous music scene as a means to support his family and come into his own as a musician. Compelled by his artistry, he took the next step in his career by moving to L.A. where he currently resides. Morris knows the struggle of descendants of slavery and he composes each of his songs with all the pain, joy, triumph, and glory of Black people here in the United States. His song 'Freedom' appeared on his critically-acclaimed album 'The Dawn' released in 2019 from the record label Strawberry Hill Records ( After seeing years of black bodies killed and beaten in the media and experiencing encounters of his own with racism and discrimination, he wrote, produced, and composed 'Freedom' as a way to speak out on the adversity black people have faced for generations. In the wake of Coronavirus and recent protests and riots throughout the country, Morris felt it was time to release a video that shows the plight that black people, American Descendants of Slavery in particular, have had to go through in this country. In conjunction with the video's producer, Natalie Rozzell, an active ADOS DMV REGION member, they created a visual and auditory experience deemed "too shocking for promotion" by Google, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. This video reminds and teaches others on the struggles ADOS have had to endure since 1619 until today. And it goes to show not much has changed, as black grandmothers pray and black people chant "I Want Freedom."

You can find Morris Mills' music on Spotify and YouTube and he can be reached on social media (Facebook and Instagram @morrismills, and @morrismillsla on Twitter). 

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