• Denai Cross

The Guilty Verdict Brought Relief. But Justice Belongs To An Alternate Reality.

I want, too, a similar magic to be concocted for Derek Chauvin. I don’t want him locked away. I don’t want him executed. I don’t want him beaten. I want him and all our oppressors to endure everything that my ancestors had to endure to get me to where I found myself Tuesday afternoon: cross-legged in fuzzy, worn-out blue joggers, talking about the fate and obligation of telling Black stories before you die. I want Chauvin to know the weight of generations that sit on our backs, in our hearts, and seed themselves in our minds. I want him to live through the American Black experience, from slavery to now, and then ask how the judgment handed down against him weighs up against all that. Is it enough? Is relief a just reward for so much? Has the storm actually passed? I want to ask him what we should feel when we’ve yet again watched one of our own be robbed of the beauty of a natural, mundane death. To read more click here.

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