THE H.R.40 Hearing

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

ADOS shows up in numbers to support H.R.40

ADOS Supporting H.R.40 during Juneteenth 2019:

It was Wednesday, Juneteenth of 2019, the ADOS DMV Region and ADOS Capitol, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Philly, North Carolina and Connecticut chapter members filled into the hallway early in the morning on Capitol Hill to support the 30 year old bill that Congressman John Conyers introduced in January 2019. The bill stalled in committee numerous times in Congress, but this time, Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee (D) of Texas reintroduced H.R.40 in January 2019.

Many of the ADOS Chapters coordinated with the ADOS DMV Region in setting up protests signage outside the building, inside the hallways and inside the hearing room.

At 6:00AM, the halls were desolate; other than the cleaning crew ADOS members slowly entered the hallway. In fact, ADOS DMV Region members were the first outside the hearing room. Moody and Ros 'from the DMV' were the first two chapter members at the door. Slowly supporters of H.R. 40 trickled into the hallway. Reggie from Boston and other members like Tony Blount from New York had seats for elders and youth that attended the hearing to study Reparations for the American Descendants of Slavery.

A Caucasian nun, spoke with Reggie about how she marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960's and was a staunch supporter of reparations for Black Americans. She was happy to see so many Black people in the hallway lined up to enter the hearing room to stand up for our Reparations.

Police lined the hallway to control the various groups that crowded the door. The bustling crowd stormed the doorway as the police threatened to shut down the number of observers they would allow into the hearing.

The hearing featured various proponents for Reparations including economist and educator Dr. William Darity Jr. of Duke University. He submitted an addendum to the H.R.40 hearing which was read into the record.

Dr. Julianne Malveaux gave a passionate statement of why Black Americans should receive reparations for chattel slavery and Jim Crow along with current mass incarceration and the wealth disparities.

ADOS members spoke with various Congressmen after the H.R. 40 Hearing with additional information concerning the Darity, Darrick Hamilton and Antonio Moore report "Myths We Get Wrong About Closing the Racial Wealth Gap" housed on the Duke University website.

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