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Due to the social unrest in the nation, on Sunday, May 31, 2020, the Rev. George C. Gilbert, Jr. organized a small group of clergy to meet at the White House for prayer and a brief word for the people. There was a tremendous response from the community, activists, and social media, including clergy from the DMV area, who asked to be a part. Subsequently, the next day, President Trump invoked terror on protestors, to include, but not limited to, the militarization of police, mounted police, deployment of tear gas, and flash bombing– only to clear the streets, to use the St. John’s Church and the Bible as mere props for a photo op.  Dr. Keith Byrd compelled Rev. Gilbert to call a conference call late that night and said “Gilbert we got to go get arrested!”


Rev. Gilbert urgently hosted a teleconference where it was firmly suggested and acknowledged that an immediate response via press conference at St. John’s Church, voicing our disgrace, speak truth to power, and expand the movement’s focus on police brutality and systematic racism. The overall consensus of a June 2 virtual meeting with approximately 67 clergy participating, was to pursue the establishment of an organization that would be sustaining for years to come. The Center for Racial Equity and Justice (The Center) was created to establish a centralized institution to organize the Black community for action related to systemic injustice by maintaining cross-denominational, organizational, and regional support. The ADOS DMV Chapter works in concert with 'The Center' to work towards a comprehensive political Black agenda with reparations for ADOS as the heartbeat. For more information check out The Center's monthly newsletter with contributing articles from the ADOS DMV Region Chapter.

Community Partners

  • National Action Network

  • Don't Mute GoGo

  • Progressive National Baptist Convention, Social Justice Commission

  • Washington Interfaith Network (WIN)

  • No Fear Coalition

  • Missionary Baptist Ministers Conference of Washington, D.C. and Vicinity

  • Baptist Convention of D.C. and Vicinity

  • National Collaborative Institute of Leadership

  • Washington Baptist Theological Seminary

  • The Holy Trinity United Baptist Church, Pastor George C. Gilbert, Sr.

  • The New Macedonia Baptist Church, Pastor Patrick J. Walker

  • Centerpoint Baptist Church, Pastor Orlando Bego

  • African American Religious Affairs, Rev. Leslie Watson Wilson

  • People For The American Way

  • Faith Strategies LLC, Pastor Graylin Hagler

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